If you are an author you are responsable: Join the fight

descargaAfter a lot of thinking, I have realised that authors have a huge responsability with the people.

We create worlds, universes and new realities without knowing that someone with less common sense that we can imagine might believe everything is written in here and… who knows?… even create a new religion in a unforseen crazy future.

So we, the authors, would be responsable for billions of people who would dedicate their entire lives to life up to the rules and expectatives of a bunch of nonsense… such as in:

Portada sin contra.jpg

So, this is what I am going to do.

In everyone of my books I will insert the next warning, and I suggest you, dear author colleagues, do the same:

Authors’s note:

All the following events are a mere product of the author imagination and don’t match with reallity at all.

Just in case someone thinks of creating a religion based on this bunch of nonsense.



Just a tip.

All this idea is the main premise of:

Cover A Matter of Faith



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