Who says Fantasy is not Reallity?

52e4253c84fe228d077475d517770946a4b5377f_hqThe first people tell me when they know I am living in Egypt and that I writte is: “Your next novel should be about your experiences in Egypt” or “You have a lot to inspired of there right?”

The quick answer is “NO”.

I never writte reallistic stories.

My novels tell stories about human beings whose desires come true, about Santa Claus being murdered by the Three Wise Men, about a failed Biblical Apocolypse that makes mankind to live in the most utterly and ridiculous chaos.

And why writting about these stories instead of the poverty of Egypt, it’s religious way of life, about the heroism os the simple people who helps the needed or about the cruelty of the rich ones that take advantage of this classist society?

The answer… mine… is simple.

Reallity is there to be observed. But even though, we decide to look at othe direction. Because it is difficult to be seen. We don’t like it as it is. So we tend to look at what we like, the same way we decide to read one or other newspaper depending on which editorial line they have in order to read only what we want.

That’s why Fantasy comes to the rescue. Fantasy is the chocolate pudding where where we hide the reallity pill to make swallowint it easier.

Every fantasy novel it is, in fact, a reallistic novel disguised as a fairy tale.

That’s why my novels, as any others, are in fact about a man’s desperation for feeling lonely, no matter how much he gets in lilfe, or about the believes of humanity and how if you humanize them they lose their idealism and they seem uglier, crueler, more… sincere and humane, or, in the case of my last novel, Apocalypse No, about mankind, their faith, their stupidity, their apathy and their capacity to fool themselves and, at the same time, their capacity to adapt and survive to absolutly everything.

It doesn’t matter if the story happens to be in a little town in Spain or in Egypt, Saturn or even Narnia.

Reallity will always be the peanut inside the Fatasy M&N.

So, you know…

Buy the novel and laugh while, maybe, you learn something:

Click the pic to buy the book

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