Going British: Apocalypse No

the end is cancelled

Una vez terminada la novela en Castellano es hora de los retoques, las correcciones y, sí, la traducción al inglés.

Lo siento por mi lengua natal, pero ¡Qué bien queda en la lengua de Shakespeare!

Así que…

Do you want to read the prologue of the coming Revelation.

Here are you are:

Apocalypse NO


During Christmas of 2011 a miracle took place on Earth. A miracle that would change the universe as it was known since then.

For the first time in two thousand years, God appeared again to mankind. His face, His image, covering the sky as an advertising projection. But not only that. The blind could see Him. Even those who had not been punished with blindness, closed their eyes and, still, the image appeared on their minds.

 “I am God”, were His first words. And every being on the face of the planet heard them and understood them in their own language.

“The one and only”, He added.

A spiteful silence followed while His glare poured into those who professed a different religion than His … a false one.

“Judgement day has come”, He continued as the entire planet endured breathing in unison leaving the atmosphere virtually empty.

“And, yet, it will not take place”.

At that time, humanity, relieved, released suddenly the accumulated air, making the Earth a gigantic boiling kettle.

You may feel relieved. Satisfied even… but that will change soon”.

His voice was spitting a resentment that dug into the hearts of men mercilessly.

The image changed in the sky and in their minds. A man appeared before mankind. He did not move nor did speak. He just posed like a photograph projected on a slide. His shoulders fell heavy, hunched over itself like a puppet with the strings cut. His eyes were sad and his lips were used to show disappointment.

“He is your… savior. He is to blame for what lies ahead, and who you will have to asf for explanations. Since today I leave this existence. I go away leaving my work unfinished because of one of you. And yet you all will suffer the consequences.

Goodbye my children.”

And as He appeared … he left.

“It’s a trick” was the most heard over the face of the planet. “What are they selling?” was not left behind in the polls, followed closely by “I thought He would be taller” and “Don’t you think He has pitched voice?”

God was ashamed of Himself, because, in the end and after all, this bunch of morons who didn’t know what was going to hit them … were His creation.

But it didn’t matter, God was running away without even looking back.

Then came the moment when the world went to hell.

The sun blinked, leaving every scientists in the planet stunned and humanity with shrunken soul and dirty underwear.

Peter Levovitz was all over the world’s news. He had shot himself in the temple. Two holes across his skull showed the path of the bullet that had aired his brains. He himself told it on camera while a dumbfounded journalist looked at what, clearly, should be a corpse.

Many followed, until the number of people not dying was so great that no longer was news of interest. Miracles … or what they thought they were miracles, succeeded each other across the face of the Earth.

World panicked. Oh, yeah, it did indeed. Thefts, destruction, attempted murders and suicides that never succeed. Like a tsunami, madness, bewilderment and despair hung over humanity.

But, even of chaos, man gets bored. And when humanity saw that nothing had looked like changing, they began to think what to do thereafter. Soon, it would only be an anecdote, a date to remember. People would gather in coffee shops, at work, in the street and ask one each other:

“Where were you on September 11? Where when man reached the moon? Where when they killed Kennedy?”

“Where when everything almost went to hell?”

Michael Havock knew. Because minutes before, he was naked in front of the most beautiful woman that God had ever created while she looked bakck at him from the bed with lustful desire.

Michael was about to cause…




Did you like it.

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait.

Until then, remember, there is a very good novel to enjoy while you wait:


Cover A Matter of Faith


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