Evertaster: How to success publishing on Amazon

EvertasterIt is true what it’s said that everything is invented.

A very good friend, knowing that I love books for children found in Utah, where he lives, a book named Evertaster; and when he came for Christmas to Spain he gave it to me.

“I don’t know much about it, but this book rocks in USA, so I thought you’d like it”, he said.

Well, I started to read it and I found out that I was enjoying it. It’s a silly story about a boy so picky about what he ates that only the most delicious meals can satisfy his hunger. He is an Evertaster and has to find the One Recipe and fight against an evil cult of Chefs.

It sounds as ridiculous as it is, and it’s obviously a book for children, so don’t expect high literature, but it’s an easy story to read for children.

What I discovered about this book after reading it is what I like the most.

Adam Glendon Sidwell couldn’t find a Publishing Company to publish his book. He had to do it in Amazon. He had to make his own marketing, use his friends and family, Facebook, twitter and email to make his book to be known. And today, Evertaster is a Bestseller.

Adam made the same I’m trying to do with Luzius (in Spanish) and A Matter of Faith and he was successful. So I can be too.

Because I know that A Matter of Faith is really good.

But I need help. Help to get people to know A Matter of Faith.

Here you are a link to the whole story about Adam Glendon Sidwell and his journey to success:


And, of course, don’t forget:

Cover A Matter of Faith

Got Faith?


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